Deck layout - Design, Maintenance and Fittings

Performance, comfort and safety

Improperly positioned, undersized or inadequate, the deck fittings often requires some modifications and improvements.
Alternative Performance Yachting adjusts your deck layout to your sailing program, thus avoiding a cause of premature wear and breakage of equipment.

Design the deck layout to your requirements:
for extra comfort with easier navigation
for your safety by upgrading the harwdware
to improve your performance
Deck layout design - Before Deck layout design - Before works Deck layout design - After Deck layout design - After works Maintenance of your winches Maintenance of your winches Cleaning and maitenance of the mast Cleaning and maitenance of the mast Refurbishment of old winches - Before Refurbishment of old winches - Before works Refurbishment of old winches - After Refurbishment of old winches - After works Gel coat touch-ups - Before Gel coat touch-ups - Before works Gel coat touch-ups - After Gel coat touch-ups - After works

Design of the deck layout

Each boat is unique. The objective is to optimize the maneuvers on board without cluttering the deck. Based on calculations of effort and load balancing, the aim is to adapt the material to your sailing style.

Fittings pulley Fittings Antal
Solutions for easier navigation:
lazy bag
flying stay
electric winch
automatic reef
other technical solutions...

Deck Maintenance and Fiitings

Alternative Performance Yachting checks the condition and carries out

Fittings winch Harken Fittings winch Wichard
the maintenance of the deck fittings:
boom vang
hydraulic cylinder

BSI Marlow
  • Spinlock
  • Sparcraft
  • Reckmann
  • Profurl
  • Tylaska
  • Karver
  • Harken
  • Wichard
  • Selden
  • Ronstan

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